Standard Tariff

    • 1. Installation/ relocation charge
    • 2. Monthly rental charge
    • 3. Call charge
    • 4. Additional fixed line service
    • 5. Fixed network colorful ring tone service
    • Installation/ relocation charge

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      Installation/ relocation handling charge Fixed Line Each Number 10
      Analog/ Digital trunk line Each number/ Modular 10
      Installation / relocation material cost Fixed Line Residential line Each Number New Installation 130 relocation Outdoor 100 Indoor 12
      Office line Each Number 300 Outdoor 270 Indoor 65
      Analog/ Digital trunk line material cost Each number/ modular 300 Outdoor 270 Indoor 65
      Account transfer charge Each number/time 10
      Change number fee Each number/time 10
    • Monthly rental charge

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff

      Residential line

      Urban Each number 25
      Chongming County Each number 18
      Office telephone Each number 35
      Analog trunk line Each number 100
      Digital trunk line (2Mbit/s) For Internet access service Each Modular 2000
      For other services Each Modular 3000

      A handling charge of CNY 10 per number is applicable to each number retention request. Thereafter, charges will be incurred for retaining the mobile number during service suspension. Charges are calculated on a CNY 5 per month basis, rounded off to the nearest month. The user is obliged to pay the full monthly fee for the subscribed services at the time a request for number retention following service suspension is made. When service is resumed, the user is obliged to pay the full monthly fee for the newly subscribed services. While a mobile number is retained during service suspension, the user shall not be obliged to pay charges for such value added services as caller display or outgoing call blocking. If the user gives up a mobile number they have retained, there shall be no refund of the number retention charges.

    • Call charge

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      Local call Residential line For the first 3 minutes 0.20
      Each additional minute 0.10
      Office line, Digital trunk line For the first 3 minutes 0.22
      Each additional minute 0.11

      Residential numbers are entitled to free voice call credits of CNY 6 per line per month. The free credits will be deducted from the local call charges specified in the customer’s residential number monthly statement, i.e. CNY 6 will be deducted from local call charges over CNY 6, whereas local call charges under CNY 6 will be waived.

    • Additional fixed line service

      Item Account opening fee Residential line Office line
      Caller display CNY 8 CNY 6 / number /month CNY 6 / number /month
      Number portability CNY30 / number /month CNY 100 / number /month

      For cross-district “number portability”, charges are calculated on a per request basis. For “number portability” within the same zone, service charge is waived.

    • Fixed network colorful ringtone service

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      Usage fee each number / month 5
      Ringtones subscription fee Per ringtone 0-5

      1. Service fee: Monthly charges incurred after the “colourful ringtone” service is activated.
      2. Ringtone customization charges: Charges are calculated on a “per tone” basis, based on the actual content. The maximum charge per ringtone is CNY 5 (excluding production charges for commercial colourful ringtones).
      3. If a customer subscribes to or terminates the service via phone or SMS, the standard rates for communications fee of China Telecom Shanghai apply.

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