Standard Tariff

    • 1. Local call
    • 2. WLAN Internet Access
    • 3. Mobile phone functional services
    • 4. Other services
    • 5. Value-added service
    • Local call

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff Remark
      Postpaid customers Monthly Fee Each number / month 50

      Upon service activation, postpaid customers are charged CNY 1.64 per day. CNY 50/ month will be charged in the month with 31 days.
      Local call charge Per minute 0.4

      CNY 1.64 /per day is calculated as: (CNY 50 X 12months)/ 365 days= CNY 1.64

    • Data usage for Mobile

      Item (CNY)Tariff
      Domestic data usage CNY0.0003 /KB

      (1) The above charges include 4G, 3G and 1X internet access no matter by WAP or NET.
      (2) Data usage is charged to the nearest KB and cent.

      E-surfing WLAN Internet access

      Item (CNY)Tariff
      Domestic data usage CNY 0.03/ minute

      (1) Monthly spending is capped at CNY 1000.
      (2) Internet access is charged to the nearest minute.

    • Mobile phone functional services

      Item (CNY)Tariff
      Caller display Service fee: CNY 10/ month
      Call forwarding within mainland Forward to local number within Shanghai: Basic fee: CNY 0.1 /per minute
      Forward to number beyond Shanghai: Basic fee (CNY 0.1/per minute) + Long distance fee (maximum CNY0.06 / 6 second)
    • Other services

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      UIM card fee (replacement, change card) Piece
      1. 1. UIM card is charged at CNY20 / piece, including new subscription,  replacement  and change cards
      2. 2. The non 4G real-name registration new customer will receive a UIM card with basic communication function for free (Capacity of 128K or below). No subscription fee is charged for new customers.
      Number retention during service suspension Handling charge Per time / number 8
      Service fee Per month / number 5
      Account transfer fee Per time / number 10
      Change number fee Per time / number 10
      Service retention fee Per day / number 0.15
    • (1) Short Messaging Service (SMS)

      Item (CNY)Tariff
      Domestic point-to-point SMS Sending message (across all networks: CNY0.1 / message. There is no charge for receiving SMS.
      International, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau SMS Send SMS to customer outside mainland China is charged at CNY 0.8 / message. There is no charge for receiving SMS.

      (2) Multimedia message (MMS)

      Item (CNY)Tariff
      Communication fee Charged at: CNY 0.5 / message. There is no charge for receiving MMS.

      (3) Best pay Service

      Item Card storage Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      Best pay, E-function card fee
      (Includes supplementary card and change card)
      13.56 MB Piece 75
      2.4 GB 100
      Usage charge 5
      Transaction communication fee SMS and data usage is charged according to standard tariff. There is no charge for data message.

      (4) Mobile colorful ringtone

      Item Charging Unit (CNY)Tariff
      Service fee Each number / month 5
      Ringtone subscription fee Per ringtone 0-5

      1. Service fee: Monthly charges incurred after the “colourful ringtone” service is activated.
      2. Ringtone customization charges: Charges are calculated on a “per tone” basis, based on the actual content. The maximum charge per ringtone is CNY 5 (excluding production charges for commercial colourful ringtones).
      3. If a customer subscribes to or terminates the service via phone or SMS, the standard rates for communications fee of China Telecom Shanghai apply.

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