Package details

Pre-paid Fly Young 4G Mobile monthly plan with local data usage allowance

Basic monthly fee (CNY /No.)

Data Usage
(per Month)

Complimentary Service

Free Incoming Call

Domestic airtime
(CNY / minute)

Domestic SMS/MMS Service
(CNY /message)

Excess Data
Usage Charge


(Local Data )

Caller Display
189 mailbox




Under 100MB, CNY 0.30/MB; 100-500MB, free; the same principle applies for excessive data usage of 500 MB or more (i.e. CNY 30 for every 500 MB).



(Domestic Data )

Caller Display
189 mailbox





Handsets compatiblewith China Telecom CDMA network are required.

Contract period


Charging method

WiFi internet access via China Telecom WLAN will be charged according to standard rates.
Package will be effective on the 1st day of the month following service activation.
Between the date of service activation and effective date of the plan, charges are calculated on a daily basis according to the followings:

Basic fee:

Package’s airtime andlocal data usage allowances are offered on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month.

Payment and Billing

Customers are required to settle the first month’s basic fee at least (i.e. CNY 50) by cash or local debit card on delivery.
No bill statement will be issued. Customers are reminded to maintain sufficient account balance to avoid service disruption. Customers can purchase top-up card at sales outlet and dial 11888(press 2 for English) to top up their prepaid mobile account.

Cap on Data Usage

Domestic data charges are capped at CNY 600 which covers domestic data usage of no more than 15GB per month. The customer’s wireless internet access will be automatically suspended. Please visit sales outlets to reactivate the service.




Scanned copy of the registered customer’s passport/ID card and a photograph of the registered customer holding his/her passport/ID card to compile with the State’s policy on real name registration.

After sales services

Enquiry:7 X 24 Customer Service Hotline 10000 (press 2 for English)