Overview of 4G Mobile Data Services

4G Data plans Payment Local / Domestic Data usage Fee Valid
4G Local Mega Data Plan Prepaid 8 GB Shanghai only CNY 100 100 Days More details
16 GB Shanghai only CNY 200 200 Days
60 GB Shanghai only CNY 750 400 Days
22 GB Shanghai + 2 GB Domestic CNY 300 180 Days
44 GB Shanghai + 4 GB Domestic CNY 600 360 Days
88 GB Shanghai + 8 GB Domestic CNY 1200 360 Days
4G Prepaid Domestic Data Plan Prepaid 2 GB Domestic CNY 100 90 Days More details
4 GB Domestic CNY 120 30 Days
4 GB Domestic CNY 200 90 Days
6 GB Domestic CNY 300 180 Days
12 GB Domestic CNY 600 365 Days
4G Postpaid Domestic Data Plan Postpaid 1 GB Domestic CNY 50 30 Days More details
3 GB Domestic CNY 100 30 Days
6 GB Domestic CNY 180 30 Days


Router / 4G handset as hotspot


A wireless internet access device or E-Surfing wireless router (MIFI) that supports China Telecom 4G internet access is required.



Prepaid Local Mega Data Plan

Data on demand? Pick up one of China Telecom Shanghai’s 4G wireless broadband cards, priced at just CNY 300 for six months. We’ll also throw in 22 GB local usage and 2 GB domestic offering exceptional value for big data needs! Alternatively, double up with a yearly card for CNY 600. Customers using an iPad can get started right away; for all other non-China Telecom 4G handsets and devices. More details

Prepaid Domestic Data Plan

Frequent flyer? Keep family and friends close no matter where your China-wide travels take you, with China Telecom Shanghai’s prepaid 4G Domestic Data Plan. Available on a quarterly, half-yearly and one-year basis, it’s the perfect package for business travellers. Whether it’s a meeting in Beijing or conference in Guangzhou, stay connected with nationwide 4G internet surfing at rock-bottom prices. Starting from just CNY 100 per 2 GB for three months when purchased in advance, yearly plans extend to CNY 600 for a whopping 12 GB! Connectivity on the go, with China Telecom Shanghai. More details

Postpaid Domestic Data Plan

Your life in China isn’t limited to just Shanghai, so why should your data be? No matter where life takes you, enjoy nationwide connectivity with China Telecom Shanghai’s postpaid 4G Domestic Data Plan. Posting pics of your tropical Sanya getaway? Keen to share the majesty of the Great Wall? Or what about that amazing Chongqing hot pot? No problem! Monthly domestic coverage starts from as little as CNY 50 for 1 GB, with packages available all the way up to a massive 6 GB. Connect with China: Connect with China Telecom Shanghai. More details

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