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International Direct Dialling (IDD)


Bringing the World closer, enjoy top quality, long distance international direct dialing, for less.


Product description and rates:

International Direct Dialling (IDD) is a traditional telecom service of China Telecom with proven operating experience for several decades. China Telecom’s IDD service is easy to use and provides customers with the best quality of voice to communicate with friends and relatives in almost every part of the globe. It remains one of the most common information tools in our daily lives.

Standard fees


Fees (CNY )

International Direct Dialling

(1) Calls from local numbers: 0.8 CNY / 6 seconds

(2) Calls from numbers on domestic roaming: 0.8 CNY /6 seconds


IDD off-peak discount: Daily 0:00-7:00 40% discount (CNY 0.48/6 seconds ) for IDD calls to Japan, United States, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, France, UK, Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippines.

Payment / Subscription:

Subscription methods

1. Diamond card members, gold card members, silver card members, e-Home customers, e-navigator customers, Blackberry customers, customers without service suspension and outstanding payment in the past 6 consecutive months and customers with their bill payment through bank can subscribe the International roaming service without prepayment.

2. Other customers are required to make a prepayment of not less than CNY 500 to activate the International roaming service. The prepayment can be used to offset international roaming and other domestic communications charges. Post-paid customers are required to make a deposit of CNY 500 to activate the International roaming service.

3. Customers can apply for activation and terminate of the International roaming service at China Telecom Shanghai sales outlets, through Customer Service Hotline 10000 or Online Shop.

How to use:

Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + telephone number



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