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International Roaming (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included)


On the go? Stay connected, wherever you travel.


Global coverage of service: 258 countries and destinations, across 4 continents and covers all well developed economies and hot travel spots world-wide.

Both CDMA (C to C) and GSM (C to G) networks can be accessed for international roaming.

Total Customer Caring: Free 7 X 24 Global Customer Hotline 00/+8618918910000


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  • China Telecom’s international roaming service enables his Mobile customers to enjoy uninterrupted communication services when they are travelling outside China. The service has been extended to over 258 countries and districts with both CDMA and GSM (including WCDMA) available according network requirement in different countries. We enable you to stay connected on the move, wherever you are.

    China Telecom Mobile customers are required to apply for E-Surfing UIM card with dual mode functions for accessing CDMA and GSM networks. To access the GSM network, customers are required to insert the UIM card into the GSM handset or dualmode handset. Customers should prepare a compatible handset for the relevant band as required by respective overseas network such as GSM1900/CDMA1900/WCDMA.

    International roaming service is available only when network standards are compatible and the two countries have signed a bilateral agreement for roaming.

    Difference between C and G networks

    C network refers to CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access, which relies on different protocols to separate stations and users.

    G network refers to GSM, Frequency Division Multiple Access or FDMA, which relies on multiple frequency channels to separate the stations and users.

    Gentle reminder:
    China Telecom Mobile customers can contact the International roaming hotline (International service code followed by 861891891000) outside mainland China or Customer Service Hotline 10000 in China for free enquiries. Calling 18918910000 in China will be charged according to standard charging rates.

    Please visit for details of the roaming countries and areas.

    Roaming modes in major travel attractions of respective countries:

    Travel attraction Country/Area Roaming mode
    Bali Indonesia C-G or C-C
    Hokkaido Japan C-G or C-C
    Dubai United Arab Emirates C-G
    Juje Province South Korea C-G or C-C
    Phuket Thailand C-G
    Tahiti French Polynesia C-G
    Saipan Northern Mariana Islands C-G
    Tinian Northern Mariana Islands C-G

    Standard tariff:
    Please visit: for details.

  • Conditions for subscription

    1. International roaming service includingTaiwan, Hong Kong and Macau is currently not available for real-time prepaid real customers.

    2. Diamond card members, gold card members, silver card members, e-Home customers, e-navigator customers, Blackberry customers, customers without service suspension and outstanding payment in the past 6 consecutive months and customers with their bill payment through bank can subscribe the International roaming service without prepayment.

    3. Other customers are required to make a prepayment of not less than CNY 500 to activate the International roaming service. The prepayment can be used to offset international roaming and other domestic communications charges. Post-paid customers are required to make a deposit of CNY 500 to activate the International roaming service.

    4. Customers can apply for activation and terminationof the International roaming service at China Telecom Shanghai sales outlets, through Customer Service Hotline 10000 or Online Shop.

    Online Shop address (only Chinese is available):

  • 1. Before leaving the country

    Step one: Activate the International roaming service (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included)

    The status of International roaming service is off by default. Please activate the service prior to leaving the country. 2 options are available (I) to activate voice, SMS and data roaming or (II) to activate voice and SMS roaming only.

    Step two: confirm status of e-surfing UIM card and terminal Please check if any of "天翼国际卡(新)"、"全球漫游天翼国际卡"、"天翼UIM 卡" is shown at the back of the UIM card. If not, please visit our sales outlet to upgrade the UIM card free of charge.

    Customers who travel to Japan, United States, Canada, South Korea, Macau and Taiwan are recommended to use a CDMA handset as priority. Every country or destination can support the GSM standard handset but please note that the GSM network of some telecom operators in American countries are 1900M, which requires a handset capable of supporting 1900M network. GSM network standard of Japanese and South Korean telecom operators are WCDMA, which requires a handset capable of supporting the WCDMA network.

    Step three: Other preparations before going abroad

    Customers are suggested to check the dialling methods and roaming charges of the country to visit.
    Given the high charging rate for call forwarding while on international roaming (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included), customers are suggested to deactivate the call forwarding, communication assistant and mobile secretary services before leaving the country.

    2. Usage of international roaming services (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included).

    1) Manual or Auto selection of the roaming network.

    On arrival of the roaming destination, the handset will automatically select the network. Under GSM network environment, customers can also choose to manually select the network.
    Reminder: some dual mode handsets have both GSM and CDMA card slots. Please insert the UIM card in the CDMA card slot when accessing a CDMA network or insert the UIM card in the GSM card slot when accessing a GSM network.

    2) Welcoming text

    Upon network registration, customers will receive various welcoming texts from China Telecom including how to make roaming call, how to send SMS, contact information on customer service hotline, local Chinese Embassy and etc.

    3) Dialling methods

    When customers enter international soil (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included), call diallingas follows:

    1. Call a local number: dial directly the called number

    2. Call an international fixed line number: international access code + country code + area code + fixed line number

    For example: To call a Beijing fixed line number from the United States, dial 011+86+10+Beijing fixed line number. (Note: 011 is the international access code in USA, 86 is the country code for China, 10 is the area code for Beijing. Please do not add 0 before the area code. In countries with GSM network, + can be used as international access code).

    3. To call an international mobile number: dial international access code + country code + mobile phone number

    For example: To call a mobile number in China from USA, dial 011+86+mobile number.

    4. Points to note:
    (1) International access code in CDMA network is varied by countries and telecom operators. Customers will receive a welcoming text from China Telecom enclosing information on international access code and dialling methods. Alternatively, customers may call the Customer Service Hotline 18918910000 or visit On-line Shop for enquiries.

    (2) In GSM networks, the common international access code is "+".Customers can use “+” as international access code in every country with GSM network.

    For example: To call a Beijing fixed line number from a GSM network in USA, dial +8610 Beijing line number or 01186 Beijing fixed line number.

    4) **133 Call Back

    When roaming on a GSM network (WCDMA networks included) in most of the countries and destinations, customers can enjoy a cheaper rate for inbound call by dialling the prefix **133 which will convert the outbound call into an inbound call.

    Step one: Dialling

    (1) To Call a mobile phone number in China: **133*86 Mobile number#
    (2) To call a fixed line number in China: **133*86 Fixed line number# (for example: to call to call a Beijing fixed line number, dial: **133*8610 Beijing fixed line number#) Note: no need to add 0 before the area code for calls to fixed line number in China).

    Step two: Hang up when the alert message is seen

    Upon dialling, the message "OK, Please wait" will appear on your screen. Please hang up when this message is seen and wait for the system to call back

    Step three: system call back and call connection

    Around 30 seconds after customer has hung up, an incoming call will be received with caller ID as the called number. Customer will be connected to the called party when the call is answered.

    5) How to send SMS

    The same method applies to sending SMS in domestic soil and on roaming by just inputting the SMS recipient’s mobile number.

    1. To send a SMS to a Chinese mobile number (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau excluded), please input the recipient’s mobile number.

    2. To send a SMS to a NON Chinese mobile number, please input 00 + country (or district) code + mobile number. (For example: to send a SMS to a Hong Kong number (district code: 852) using a CDMA network in the United States please input "00852").

    6) How to use Data roaming

    To use the data roaming on a CDMA network, please select “ctnet” as connection method on the mobile phone.

    To use the data roaming on a GSM network, please go to the mobile phone GSM options and select the new-built "APN", name it "ctnet", fill the APN as "ctnet" and leave the rest blank, then restart the device. (Note: no need for any installations on the China Telecom version of the iPhone4S).

    3. Customer Service

    (1) Free customer service hotline
    China Telecom Mobile customers can contact the International roaming hotline (International service code followed by 861891891000) outside mainland China or Customer Service Hotline 10000 in China for free enquiries.

    (2) China Telecom's website for inquiries on international roaming (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau included.)

    Please visit for coverage and details of International roaming service.

    4. Enquiry by SMS

    Customers can check the country or destination’s roaming fees, calling methods, embassy’s contact number and other information through SMS. To send the message: "GJMY# and initials of the pinyin form for the country of roaming" to be sent to 10001 (for example: to enquire about roaming in the UK, send the text "GJMY#YG" to 10001. (Translator’s note: YingGuo = UK)

    Domestic enquiry by SMS is free of charge. Enquiry by SMS while on international roaming will be charged in accordance with the standard international roaming rate for SMS in respective country or district.

    Country or district code for roaming enquiry by SMS

    Country or district name SMS code Country or district name SMS code Country or district name SMS code
    Andorra ADE Faroe Islands FLQD Congo GG
    Austria ADL Belgium BLS Democratic Republic of Congo GGMZGHG
    Australia ADLY Pakistan BLST Colombia GLBY
    Albania AEBNY Bolivia BLWY Georgia GLJY
    Alderney AEDND Belize BLZ Greenland GLL
    Algeria AEJLY Bermuda BMD Grenada GLND
    Ireland AEL Northern Mariana Islands BMLYNQD Costa Rica GSDLJ
    Afghanistan AFH Benin BN Guernsey GXD
    Angola AGL1 Bonaire BNED Guyana GYN
    Anguilla AGL2 Panama BNM Haiti HD
    Argentina AGT Bosnia and Herzegovina BSNYHHSGWN Honduras HDLS
    Egypt AJ Northern Cyprus BSPLS South Korea HG
    Aruba ALB Brazil BX Holland HL
    United Arab Emirates ALQ Equatorial Guinea CDJNY Herm HMD
    Åland Islands ALQD East Timor DDW Montenegro HS
    Macau AM1 Germany DG1 Netherlands Antilles HSADLSQD
    Oman AM2 Togo DG2 Kazakhstan HSKST
    Azerbaijan ASBJ Denmark DM Zimbabwe JBBW
    Ethiopia ASEBY Dominica DMNK Djibouti JBT
    Estonia ASNY Dominican Republic DMNJ Kyrgyzstan JEJSST
    Antigua and Barbuda ATGHBBD La Désirade DXLDD Czech Republic JK
    Barbados BBDS Ecuador EGDE Galapagos Island JLPGSQD
    Papua New Guinea BBYXJNY Russia ELS Ghana JN
    Botswana BCWN Eritrea ELTLY Canada JND
    Iceland BD1 Cape Verde FDJ Canary Islands JNLQD
    Bhutan BD2 France FG Guinea JNY
    Puerto Rico BDLG Easter Island FHJD Guinea-Bissau JNYBS
    Belarus BELS Fiji FJ Gabon JP
    Bahamas BHM Finland FL Cambodia JPZ
    Bulgaria BJLY Philippines FLB Gaza Strip JSDD
    Pakistan BJST Falkland Islands FKLQD Cook Island KKD
    Burkina Faso BJNFS French Polynesia FSBLNXY Cook Islands KKQD
    Poland BL1 French Guyana FSGYN Cocoas (Keeling) Islands KKSJLQD
    Bahrain BL2 Cuba GB Croatia KLDY
    Peru BL3 Gambia GBY Curacao KLSD
    Burundi BLD Guam GD Crete KLTD
    Paraguay BLG Guadeloupe GDLPD Cameroon KML1
    Comoros KML2 Mauritania MLTNY Saint Kitts and Nevis SJCHNWS
    Cayman Islands KMQD Malaysia MLXY Sark SKD
    Kenya KNY Monaco MNG Slovakia SLFK
    Kosovo KSW Minorca MNKD Sierra Leone SLLA
    Qatar KTE Macedonia MQD Sri Lanka SLLK
    Kuwait KWT Mozambique MSBK Solomon Islands SLMQD
    Corsica KXJD Mexico MXG Suriname SLN
    Liberia LBLY American Samoa MSSMYQD Slovenia SLWNY
    Lebanon LBN United States Virgin Islands MSWJQD Saint Martin SMDD
    Libya LBY Martinique MTNKD San Marino SMLN
    Rhodes LDD Montserrat MTSLT Somalia SML
    Romania LMNY Montserrat Island MTSLTD Armenia YMNY
    Reunion LNW Malawi MLW Saint Martin SMT
    Luxembourg LSB Mayotte MYTD Samoa SMY
    Lesotho LST Nepal NBE Senegal SNJE
    Lithuania LTW South Africa NF Cyprus SPLS
    Latvia LTWY Norfolk Island NFKD Seychelles SSE
    Laos LW Nicaragua NJLG Saudi Arabia STALB
    Rwanda LWD Antarctica NJZ Apostle Island STD
    Liechtenstein LZDSD Nauru NL Svalbard and Jan Mayan SWEBTHYMYD
    Isle of Man MD Namibia NMBY Swaziland SWSL
    Madagascar MDJSJ Nigeria NRLY Saint Vincent and the Grenadine SWSTHGLNDS
    Madeira MDLQD Niger NRE Sint Eustatius SYSTXS
    Maldives MEDF Norway NW Turkey TEQ
    Moldova MEDW Palau PL Thailand TG
    Malta MET Japan RB Tonga TJ
    United States MG1 Sweden RD Tajikistan TJKST
    Mongolia MG2 Switzerland RS Turkmenistan TKMST
    Bengal MJL Saab SBD Turks and Caicos Islands TKSHKTSQD
    Micronesia MKLNXY Saint-Barthélemy SBTD Trinidad and Tobago TLNDHDBG
    Mali ML Sudan SD Tunisia TNS
    Morocco MLG Sardinia SDD1 Tanzania TSNY
    Marie-Galante MLJLT Christmas Island SDD2 Taiwan TW
    Majorca MLK El Salvador SEWD Vanuatu WNAT
    Melilla MLLY Serbia SEWY Guatemala WDML
    Mauritius MLQS Zanzibar SGBE Uganda WGD
    Uruguay WLG Saint Lucia SLXY Ukraine WKL
    Venezuela WNRL Ivory Coast XYHA Brunei WL
    Uzbekistan WZBKST Portugal PTY Yemen YM
    Spain XBY Hungary XYL Jamaica YMJ
    Ceuta XD Ibiza YBS Vietnam YN
    Hong Kong XG India YD1 Azores YSEQD
    Singapore XJP Jordan YD2 Israel YSL
    New Caledonia XKLDNY West Bank YDHXA British Virgin Islands YSWJQD
    Greece XL Italy YDL Gibraltar ZBLT
    Syria XLY Indonesia YDNXY Zambia ZBY
    West Sahara XSHL England YG Chad ZD
    New Zealand XXL Iran YL1 Central Africa Republic ZFGHG
    Sicily XXLD Cruise YL2 Chile ZL
    Vatican FDG Iraq YLK Jersey ZXD
    São Tomé and Príncipe SDMHPLXB        

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