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Enjoy Family Bundle Package

A bundled package with ONE Mobile plan + ONE Free Home Broadband rental + ONE Discounted Fixed line rental.
(All one-off installation charges for broadband and fixed line are waived. Besides, a deposit payment of CNY 200 for network equipment is required which will be fully refunded on return of network equipment and receipt for deposit upon service termination.)

4G Mobile Monthly Plan

Yearly Payment

Free Broadband

Fixed Line Yearly/monthly Rental

CNY 169

CNY 2028

100 Mbps

CNY 60
/ CNY 5

CNY 199

CNY 2189 (Pay 11 months to get 
1 month free)

200 Mbps

CNY 299

CNY 2990 (Pay 10 months to get 2 months free)

500 Mbps

CNY 399

CNY 3990 (Pay 10 months to get 2 months free)40GB3000

1000 Mbps


Home broadband supports internet access for up to 4 devices.

If there are not enough broadband resources in the vicinity of the customer's address to support the chosen speed of broadband connection, the broadband connection may be adjusted to actual maximum speed available.

Inclusive allowances, additional charges and offers

Bundle Package

Fee ( CNY )

4G Mobile Plan


Fixed Line

Enjoy Family - 169

169 / Month

2028 / Year

Domestic call:

100 Mbps

* CNY 5/ Month

700 mins/ month

Domestic data:

2 GB/ month

Enjoy Family - 199

199 / Month

2189 / Year

Domestic call:

200 Mbps

700 mins/ month

Domestic data:

3 GB/ month

Enjoy Family - 299

299 / Month

2990 / Year

Domestic call:

*500 Mbps

1500 mins/ month

Domestic data:

4 GB/ month

Enjoy Family - 399

399 / Month

3990 / Year

Domestic call:

*1000 Mbps

3000 mins/ month

Domestic data:

*40 GB/ month



* Fixed line is optional added package.
* 1TB for 500Mbps, after that will be unlimited 200Mbps.
* 1TB for 1000Mbps, after that will be unlimited 200Mbps.
* 40GB for 4G network, after that will be 3G network.
After 100GB will be unlimited 2G network.

Special offer

1. CNY 400 price reduction for purchase of designated model of handset from China Telecom Shanghai. The reduction, and any remainder cannot be exchanged for cash. Valid for 30 days after subscription. In addition, customers are offered an extra of 800 minutes talk time plus 8 GB local data usage per month for 6 months.

2. 100 Mbps/ 200 Mbps broadband customers who commit a 2- year service contract are offered 1 line 4K IPTV free of charge. Service termination prior to contract expiry is liable to pre-mature service termination penalty of CNY 280.

Contract period

Handset purchased from China Telecom Shanghai: 24 months.
Handset provided by customer: 12 months.

Charging method

Package will be effective on the 1st day of the month following service activation.
Between the date of service activation and effective date of the plan, charges are calculated on a daily basis according to the followings:
Package’s airtime and domestic data usage allowances are offered on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month.

Payment and Billing

The package stipulates a post-paid service.
Customers are required to settle the discounted handset fee, one-off installation charges, deposit payment for network equipment and deposit payment for service activation if applicable by cash/local debit card on delivery.
Bill statement will be sent on the 10th of each month.
Bills must be paid by the end of the month it is received and payment can be made by one of the following methods:

  • - Cash or Union Pay at any China Telecom sales outlet.
  • - Cash at any Post Office or designated convenience store.
  • - Union Pay at the China Telecom Shanghai Online Shop (Chinese only, online top up in English will be available soon).
  • - Online banking.
  • - Purchase China Telecom top-up card and dial 11888 (press 2 for English).

Account balance can be checked by SMS 102 to 10001 (Chinese only).

Cap on Data Usage

Domestic data charges are capped at CNY 600 which covers domestic data usage of no more than 15GB per month. The customer’s wireless internet access will be automatically suspended. Please visit sales outlets to reactivate the service.

Penalty for pre-mature contract termination

Change of package, service suspension with number retention, service termination or account transfer within contract period will result in pre-mature contract termination penalty. The customer is required to settle all outstanding payments and a pre-mature contract termination penalty equivalent to two times the monthly basic fee (handset provided by customer) or four times the monthly basic fee (handset purchased from China Telecom Shanghai). Customers who have enjoyed reduction in handset purchase are obliged to reimburse China Telecom Shanghai in full for the said reduction. Free broadband offer will be terminated.


Free delivery of handset and/or UIM card within Shanghai.


Scanned copy of the registered customer’s passport/ID card and a photograph of the registered customer holding his/her passport/ID card to compile with the State’s policy on real name registration.

After sales services

Enquiry: 7 X 24 Customer Service Hotline 10000 (press 2 for English).

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