Package details

Prepaid home broadband pay as you go service provided on non-fiber network.


Fees of the Package


Downstream 2 Mbps, Upstream 2M

CNY 0.05/ Minute


Note: Discounted One-off installation charges of CNY 160/ line for new customers.(Standard “One-off charges” is CNY 310 which includes the standard fee of CNY 300/ Line of installation & testing fee and CNY 10/ Line of handling fee)

If there are not enough broadband resources in the vicinity of the customer's address to support the chosen speed of broadband connection, the broadband connection may be adjusted to actual maximum speed available.


CNY 0.04/ minute is on pay as you go basis.
Capped at CNY 300 per month.


CNY 200 (Fully refunded upon return of network equipment and receipt for deposit).

Contract period


Payment methods

At the time of application, make a one-time payment of one-off installation charges (CNY 160) and deposit (CNY 200) at sales outlets.

Account top-up after the broadband connection is set up. Purchase China Telecom top-up cards and then dial 11888 (press 2 for English) to top up the pre-paid broadband account.

Penalty for “non-usage”

If there is no broadband usage for two consecutive months (from the first day of “non-usage”), the broadband connection will be retained at a service retention fee of CNY 1/day/line from the first day of the following month. If the Customer’s account balance is at CNY 0 or below while the broadband service retention fee is chargeable, the broadband connection will be suspended immediately.
Customers who have enjoyed waivers of one-off charges are obliged to reimburse China Telecom Shanghai in full for the said waivers.


Scanned copy of the registered customer’s passport/ID card and a photograph of the registered customer holding his/her passport/ID card to compile with the State’s policy on real name registration.

After sales services

Enquiry: 7 X 24 Customer Service Hotline 10000 (press 2 for English)