Package included

Pre-paid 4G domestic data monthly / quarterly / half-year / one-year package


Basic Fees

Domestic Data Usage

Validity Period of Data Allowance

Inclusive Allowance

Charges after Inclusive Allowance is Used Up

Monthly Package

CNY 120/number


Under 100MB, CNY 0.30/MB; 100-500MB, free; the same principle applies for excessive data usage of 500 MB or more (i.e. CNY 30 for every 500 MB).

30 days

Quarterly Package

CNY 100/number


90 days

CNY 200/number


90 days

Half-year Package

CNY 300/number


180 days

One-year Package

CNY 600/number


365 days


Add on packages

Basic Package

Value of Optional  Package

Domestic Data Allowance

Validity Period of Data Allowance

Quarterly Card CNY 100 Package

CNY 100


90 days

Quarterly Card CNY 200 Package

CNY 200


90 days

Half-year Card CNY 300 Package

CNY 300


180 days

One-year Card CNY 600 Package

CNY 600


365 days

  • 1. The Customer can visit the sales outlets of China Telecom Shanghai or log in to the online shop of China Telecom Shanghai ( to purchase the optional package. The package fee must be settled in full upon purchase. The optional package will become effective immediately upon subscription.
  • 2. The domestic data usage in the optional package is limited to Mainland China (local data usage is limited to Shanghai Municipality), inclusive of 4G, 3G and 2G connection but excluding WiFi (WLAN) internet access. The actual usage is limited by the capability of the data terminal device and the circumstances at the base station(s).
  • 3. The validity period of the optional package begins from the day of activation. After the validity period, the unused data allowance in the package will expire.Data usage after the validity period and excessive data usage during the validity period will be charged according to the standard rates of the basic package.
  • 4. For customers of the e-Surfing 4G Wireless Internet Access Card (Quarterly/Half-year/One-year Package) who have purchased optional packages, the data allowance in the basic package will be used up first, followed by the data allowance of the optional package.


A wireless internet access device or E-Surfing wireless router (MIFI) that supports China Telecom 4G internet access is required.
The following models of Wi-Fi and Cellular version of iPad support China Telecom internet access:
IPAD4 A1460; IPAD MINI A1455; IPAD MINI2 A1490, IPAD MINI3 A1600/ A1601; IPAD AIR A1475; IPAD AIR2 A1567


Valid for 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days respectively.

Charging method

Immediate effective upon subscription.
WiFiinternet access via China Telecom WLAN will be charged according to standard rates.

Cap on Data Usage

Domestic data charges are capped at CNY 600 which covers domestic data usage of no more than 15GB per month. The customer’s wireless internet access will be automatically suspended. Please visit sales outlets to reactivate the service.


Free delivery within Shanghai.

Payment and Billing

Customers are required to settle the package fee by cash or local debit card on delivery.
No bill statement will be issued. Customers are reminded to maintain sufficient account balance to avoid service disruption. Customers can purchase top-up card at sales outlet and dial 11888(press 2 for English) to top up their account.
The charges deducted will not be refunded.


Scanned copy of the registered customer’s passport/ID card and a photograph of the registered customer holding his/her passport/ID card to compile with the State’s policy on real name registration.

After sales services

Enquiry:7 X 24 Customer Service Hotline 10000 (press 2 for English).