Company's goals

  • China Telecom Shanghai Company's goals in Urban Informatization Development under the "12th Five-year Plan":

    To create "The Two International Competitiveness"

    To become the major construction force of "Smart City"

    1. Construct urban basic information facilities with international competitiveness: To build the new generation of high-speed network with 99% coverage of 100Mbps access of urban optical network, 50Mbps of average bandwidth, 7 Tbps of Internet outlet bandwidth, and 100% of wireless broadband coverage.

    2. Build the information service system with international competitiveness: By the end of "12th five-year plan", the quality of service along with the customer experience will be significantly improved. The overall performance should meet 99.9% of service level agreement. The customer comprehensive satisfaction evaluation indicators should achieve 95 points, and the window appraisals should be top ranked.

    3. Become the main construction force of "Smart City": To continue our active participation in Urban Informatization and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry. To become the industry leader in promoting the growth of GDP and information services, with a revenue growth of CNY 200 billion for information industry. To build an industry standard Internet of Things operating system which will bring an annual CNY 2 billion output value for Internet of things industry. To build a cloud computing center as well as a cloud computing industry alliance.

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