e surfing


    e surfing is a mobile service brand that China Telecom designed for meeting the demands of the customers for the converged information services. Positioning on the "Mobile Communications at the Internet Era", China Telecom provides the mobile Internet applications and convenient voice service at every place while considering the greater demands of voice and data integrated services from the middle and high end customers, family and individual customers. The introduction of e surfing product complemented the all-service operation for China Telecom, and further deepened the enterprise brand positioning as the "Integrated Information Service Provider". When the advantages of the convergence services are fully explored, the demands of the customers, especially the middle and high end customers, family customers and individual customers could be met.


    The data service advantages of the e surfing product further intensified the differential advantages of China Telecom over the Internet, and it also enriches the Internet applications such as the games, entertainment, films, music and the life of the community, and it gives a chance to the customers to experience the brand characteristics of the "Technology innovation, self-confidence, fashions and energetic" and to become the leader in time in "Grasping the future when striding a step ahead of others".

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