Company Introduction

  • China Telecom Shanghai is an integrated information full services operator, providing basic telecommunications services such as wire line telecommunications services and mobile telecommunications services, and value-added telecommunications services such as Internet access services and information services in Shanghai.

    Shanghai Telecom Corporation Limited was formally established on November 18, 2002 and the company name changed to China Telecom Corporation Limited Shanghai Branch or the China Telecom Shanghai Branch for short, on January 28, 2008. China Telecom Shanghai Branch is a branch company of China Telecom Corporation Limited, a listed company in overseas.

    China Telecom Shanghai Branch operates a wide scope of business including communications & information services related system integration, technology development, technical services, technical training, technical consulting, information consulting, the production, sales, installation, design and construction of equipment and computer's hardware and software, etc. ; property leasing ; communications facilities leasing; design, construction and maintenance of Security & Technology Protection System; advertising and etc. The company operates the second-generation digital cellular mobile communication services of 800MHz CDMA and the third-generation digital cellular mobile communication services of CDMA2000 in Shanghai. The company also operates fixed network local telephone services (including local wireless loop services), fixed network domestic long-distance telephone services, fixed network international long-distance telephone services, IP telephone services (limited to Phone-to-Phone), satellite IPLC services, IP transmission services, international data communications services, public telegraph and telex services, 26GHz wireless access services and domestic communication facility services in Shanghai.

    Besides, the company is licensed to operate domestic Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) earth station communication services, fixed network domestic data transmission services, wireless data transmission services, CPN services and web hosting services of the Type 2 basic telecommunication services, on-line data processing and transaction processing services, domestic Internet virtual private network services and Internet data center services of the Type 1 value-added telecommunications services, store and forward services, call center services, Internet access services and information services of the Type 2 value-added telecommunications services.(Businesses that subject to operating license.)

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